Skipper GPS

I have listed this domain name on Sedo, whereby you can use Sedo for escrow services. I have this parking page to explain what I originally intended to use the domain for, which may be of interest to a potential buyer.

My team already developed another domain name for guiding tourists and expats around new cities and places, so we will let go of this name. This domain name could actually be used for the same kind of application as ours, or for another application such as ship navigation or whatever.

A general idea is this:

The website shows the map of a city or country, and has checkbox categories you can check, whereby pins of the visitor's places of interest show up on the map, for each category the visitor chooses. There are places of interest you may have done some quality review of (or just visitor submitted...) which are organized into categories, such as tourist sightseeing places, hotels, shopping, restaurants, etc.

Use OpenStreetmap for maps. These are blank except for the streets, mainly. It's similar to Google Maps but doesn't already have a lot of advertised places on it already, so it's clean and uncluttered, which may be important for custom maps. OpenStreetmap is open source to the public. (There are other map options, too, besides OpenStreetmap.) Or, use Google Maps and their various features.

Create categories of interest for your readers. Maybe a tree of categories and subcategories, each with a checkbox. Then, your visitors can just check the boxes for those categories or subcategories they are interested in. They get a map showing only those kinds of places. No clutter, no junk.

Based on their choice of categories / subcategories, you can display advertisements. You can sell some listings to local service providers, or display advertisements from conventional sources. For example, above or to the side of the map can be paid graphical advertisements for a particular category (or any paid advertisements). Under the map can be a list of places (paid or unpaid).

You can sell coverage of cities or entire countries to partners, and take just a small cut of the advertising revenue, while providing "software as a service". This is something I am considering, too. At the moment, I ame focused on a niche market, but I am considering scaling up internationally, as this is a very scalable business idea. It's just a database of places of interest, with GPS location and other information, which can be presented in various ways on a map (by GPS) or website otherwise.

There are so many ways to draw in traffic and provide a useful and popular service while selling advertisements. Once set up, start making passive income, including during your sleep ...

Or, you do whatever you want with it.

A skipper is a captain of a boat, so it also has obvious applications to the maritime sector. However, the name is memorable so it could be used for other applications, too, to guide people to places of their interests.

If you are interested, then you can find this domain on Sedo, but if you cannot find it there, then please send to hellothere via this domain. Hellothere is a merge of 2 words with no space in between.